ROOFING Decra Stone Coated Steel Links : Steel Shingles PDF Steel Shake PDF Steel Tile PDF Other Decra PDF’s                                Copyright @ 2012 William Penn Renovation.  All Rights Reserved.  Shermans Dale, PA 17090 WPR provides premier roofing, siding, windows, doors, custom porches and custom decks in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  WPR can assist with any remodeling needs such as roof repairs, gutter repair, window replacement and much more. Shingles - click pic to see more Shake - click pic to see more Tile - click pic to see more Why a Decra Stone Coated Steel Roof? After 25 Years in this industry I have never found anything I like more than DECRA Stone coated metal roofing.  At  William Penn Renovation we love metal roofing.  But the true inspiration for is DECRA stone coated metal roofing.  Not familiar?  Here’s the story.  DECRA stone coated metal roofing is the pinnacle of permanent roofing options for the average homeowner.  It’s a 26 gauge aluminum-zinc alloy metal panel that is made to look exactly like architectural asphalt shingles, split cedar shake, barrel or concave clay tiles. 1.    Decra Stone coated steel roofing is much lighter that standard asphalt shingles.  DECRA stone coated steel roofing weighs approximately 1.25 pounds per square foot.  A typical architectural asphalt shingle weighs approximately 2.3 pounds per square foot. 2.    In 9 out of 10 installations of DECRA stone coated metal roofing can safely be installed over existing asphalt roofing shingles.  This significantly reduces job costs and obviously saves the local land fill just another load of nasty asphalt fiberglass shingles 3.    DECRA stone coated roofing systems feature 6 design / profiles.  Three of which feature concealed fastener installation.  This virtually guarantees it won’t leak in the field. 4.    DECRA stone coated roofing systems have very simple, very effective flashing components. Which makes the overall installation relatively simple even on very complex roofing designs 5.    DECRA stone coated metal roofing has superior impact resistance.  DECRA stone coated metal roofing is constructed of a 26 gauge Aluminum-Zinc coated alloy. DECRA stone coated metal roofing systems have a class-4 impact resistance rating.  The hail penetration warranty is for 50 years (non-pro-rated) 6.    DECRA   stone coated metal roofing has a class-A fire resistance rating.  It is non-combustible. 7.    DECRA stone coated steel roofing has a wind up-lift rating @ 120 miles per / hour. 8.    DECRA stone coated metal roofing systems also have a very fast heat emissivity cycle.  They don’t hold heat, they release it very quickly.  This will undoubtedly save you some money on your summer cooling bills. 9.    DECRA stone coated metal roofing systems look exactly like standard asphalt architectural shingles, split cedar shake, or 2 types of traditional Mediterranean tile.  This is a huge benefit to homeowners that don’t like the stark, and shiny look of vertical ( standing seam ) and stamped (painted shingle, slates, and tiles ) traditional metal roofing.  It’s even more important if the house is in a development that requires a certain look. 10.  DECRA stone coated metal roofing is the least expensive roofing system you can own.  Over its life cycle, DECRA stone coated metal roofing will require very little maintenance if any.  DECRA stone coated roofing will also last twice if not three times as long as asphalt shingles.  The greatest threat to the longevity of asphalt is heat and direct sunlight.  The second most destructive force is the freeze / thaw cycle.  In Pennsylvania where we are located both of these weather conditions are always present.  The short story is, as both of these conditions have little to no effect on DECAR roofing material it’s not hard to understand why DECRA might be your best choice for a new roof.  Of course you’ll pay a bit more initially, but for those you who plan on spending the remainder of your adult healthy life in the home you’re in now I promise you it’ll hurt a lot worse when you see what you’ll be required to pay to replace an asphalt roof in 25 years from now.