ROOFING Vertical Metal Links : GrandRib3 Panel Standing Seam Panel Create Your Home Design GrandRib 3 Standing Seam                                Copyright @ 2012 William Penn Renovation.  All Rights Reserved.  Shermans Dale, PA 17090 WPR provides premier roofing, siding, windows, doors, custom porches and custom decks in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  WPR can assist with any remodeling needs such as roof repairs, gutter repair, window replacement and much more. Example Images (click to see more) METAL ROOFING 100 years of performance at ½ the cost of other permanent roofing systems.  Drive around any older town in central Pa. and you’re guaranteed to find at least a dozen houses, churches, public buildings with a good old fashioned painted vertical metal roof and 90% of those roofs are at least 50 years old.  This is what we mean when we say a metal roof is a permanent roofing system. Metal roofing systems are the least expensive roofing system to own After 20+ years in this industry, and most of it in central, Pa. I can tell you that the average suburban house is a three bedroom, 2 ½ bath two story house.  The roof area is about 2000 square feet.  The average cost of a painted vertical metal roof is about %30 more than a premium quality asphalt shingle roof.  Now, after 20 years your asphalt roofing system will be very near it’s serviceable life, your painted vertical metal roof on the other hand will still have 100% of it’s non-prorated warranty in force for another 20 years and about a 2% chance of any need for significant maintenance.  So it’s pretty easy figure, with current inflation your asphalt roofing system will cost double what it does now so if you decide to go the more “economical route” and have an asphalt shingle roofing system installed today you’re forcing yourself to spend about twice as much money as you would if you pay the little bit extra for a painted vertical metal roof now.  Simply because on paper the painted vertical metal roof looks more expensive.  So don’t make the mistake, if you plan on spending the remainder of your life or up to twenty years in the house you’re in now get a painted vertical metal roof it pays for itself over and over. Metal roofing is energy efficient This is a no brainer, almost all the painted vertical metal roofing products on the market today are qualified for the energy star federal tax credit.  More important, however, is the legitimate dollar savings you will realize in the summer cooling bills.  You can realistically use 30% less electricity all summer long as a direct result of this type of roof installation.  It won’t take long to see the financial benefit from this undertaking.  Again making a painted vertical metal roofing system the smart choice. I don’t want my house to look like a barn Of course you don’t, neither would anyone you know, provided you’re not a cow, sheep or chicken.  So as a result the better manufacturers of painted vertical metal roofing material offer it in up to 20 different colors and several different alloys to please even the most fussy homeowner.  The other main component of this type of system is in the trim work and we can fabricate lots of matching or contrasting details to create a balanced look for those of you who have highly visible roof surfaces.  Because we do so much of this work every day we can really make your project look commensurate with your expectations.  So don’t pre-judge, cruise our web site and you’ll see dozens of photos that I’m sure will please you.